PAI Coin Pool 促销活动 - 2020年6月2日

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PAI Coin Pool (PCP) 促销活动正在火热进行中!只要锁定质押至少100,000 PAI,即可获得3,000 PAI的额外奖励。只要满足以下要求即可:

1. 锁定质押至少100,000 PAI

2. 请在2020年6月2日北京时间晚上10:00至2020年6月9日北京时间晚上10:00之间锁定质押

3. 请确保您的锁定质押至少持续52周(1年)。

请立即登录你的PAI Coin Pool账号,马上参与赢得奖励吧,机不可失!

欢迎查看其他信息学习如何利用PAI Coin Pool赢得更多奖励:

● 当前用户, 欢迎利用自己的推荐链接推荐更多新用户

● 新用户, 赶快注册并在PAI Coin Pool锁定质押吧


PAI Coin Promotion - June 2, 2020

Hello PAIyos!

We're hosting another PAI Coin Pool (PCP) Promotion! Stake at least 100,000 PAI and get a 3,000 PAI bonus. To get your 3,000 PAI Coin Bonus:

1. Stake at least 100,000 PAI Coin

2. Make your stake between June 2nd, 2020 at 9:00am US Central Time and June 9, 2020 US Central Time

3. Make sure your stake lasts for at least 52 weeks (1 year).

To participate in the promotion, login to your PAI Coin Pool account and get started!

Check out other resources to get the most out of PAI Coin Pool:

● Current users, find and share your referral link to new users

● New users, register and stake on PAI Coin Pool

We thank you again for your support!


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