PAI Coin Pool 上线新功能 - 个人数据统计

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最近,PAI Coin Pool(PCP)工程师已经添加个人数据统计的新功能,方便用户可以直接在自己的账户界面查看数据信息,比如当前第一级别和第二级别推荐人的数量以及通过推荐所获得的PAI币收入。


PAI Coin Pool工程师正在开发每周电子邮件通知功能,以便向每位用户发送当前PAI Coin Pool帐户统计信息、每周排名和其他更多信息。 尽情期待!请注意:


● 如果您已经注册成为PCP帐户,欢迎将推荐链接分享给更多人即可开始赢得推荐奖励!

● 如果您还未注册PAI Coin Pool账户,赶快前往PaiCoinPool.com注册吧!


PAI Coin Pool New Feature - Personal Statistics

Hello PAIyos!

The engineers at PAI Coin Pool (PCP) have recently implemented Referral Statistics that will show up on your PAI Coin Pool account interface. You'll be able to find the number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Referrals you have on your account, plus any total earnings you receive from all your referrals.

To find these stats, select your PCP profile page and scroll down to the referral section.

The engineers at PAI Coin Pool will also be implementing a weekly email that will contain more details about your PAI Coin Pool account stats with weekly rankings. Keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks!

● Learn more about PCP Referrals here

● If you already have a PCP account, share your referral link to others to start earning referral rewards!

● If you're new to PAI Coin Pool, sign up for an account at

We thank you again for your continued support!


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