Project PAI 有用工作量证明 (PoUW) 的最新进展

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6月13日,上周五北京时间晚上8:00,Mark Harvilla博士和Andrei Lihu博士主持了关于Project PAI有用工作证明(PoUW)的全球社区直播。PoUW是一个旨在使矿工能够在执行机器学习计算的同时验证PAI币交易的研究项目。

在PAI技术路线图直播期间,Mark Harvilla博士还通过下面的视频对该概念进行了介绍和演示。在此视频中,您可以查看PoUW逐步的运行情况:

1. 用户共享数据以使用PAI区块链训练机器学习模型

2. 在此过程中,有三个节点处于活动状态:

a. 第一个节点正在训练机器学习模型

b. 第二个节点正在验证模型

c. 第三节点正在维护区块链的副本。


1. 将整个PoUW项目整合到一个易于访问的资源库中。

2. 为PAI社区成员设置分步演练,以轻松设置他们自己的项目版本。

3. 提供小的命令行实用程序,供用户测试项目。



● 查看PoUW全球社区直播的演示文稿:

● 克隆Github代码库,对其进行分叉,然后提交您自己的更改和想法:

○ PoUW核心应用:

○ PoUW Kubernetes:


Upcoming Updates to Project PAI Proof of Useful Work (PoUW)

Hello PAIyos!

Last Friday on June 13th at 8:00pm Beijing Time, Dr. Mark Harvilla and Dr. Andrei Lihu hosted an AMA session about Project PAI's Proof of Useful Work concept (PoUW). PoUW is currently a research project that aims to enable miners to perform Machine Learning Computations while verifying PAI Coin transactions simultaneously.

During the PAI Tech Roadmap AMA, Dr. Mark Harvilla also touched upon the concept with the video demo shared below. In this video, you can see PoUW in action with the following steps:

1. A user shares data to train a machine learning model with the PAI Blockchain

2. Three nodes are active in this process:

a. One node is training the machine learning model

b. A second node is verifying the model

c. A third node is maintaining a copy of the blockchain.

In the upcoming weeks, PAI core contributors will be working on the following updates to PoUW to enable more people to easily participate in this project:

1. Consolidate the entire PoUW project into one easy, accessible repository.

2. Setup a step-by-step walkthrough for PAI community members to easily setup their own version of the project.

3. Provide small command-line utilities for users to test the project.

When the new demo and utilities are released, we will announce a challenge to give users an opportunity to earn extra PAI by successfully completing a demo project.

While the PAI core contributors are hard at work delivering these new updates, you can learn more about PoUW with the following resources:

● Check out the PoUW AMA Presentation:

● Clone the Github repositories, fork them, and submit your own changes and ideas:

○ PoUW Core Implementation:

○ PoUW Kubernetes:

We thank you again for your continued support!


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