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尊敬的Project PAI社区:

Project PAI混合共识全球社区直播于北京时间2020年7月18日上午成功举办,感谢全球PAIYO的参与和支持。

会上,Project PAI核心贡献者Mark Harvilla博士向PAI全球社区介绍了Project PAI的PoW/PoS混合共识主网研发进展,目前PAI混合共识已经完成了核心技术的研发和测试网的部署,正在进行从属服务的迁移,主网将于2020年9月正式上线。同时,PAI区块链的早期采用者ObEN公司的联合创始人Adam Zheng博士表示:基于PAI链的个人人工智能应用即将落地更多商业应用场景,新产品也将会于不久亮相。

会议还讨论了即将于下周推出的PAI矿池分级质押奖励机制,届时参与PAI矿池质押的用户将会获得更多奖励。另外,PAI最近上线了两家新的交易所,分别是Alameda OTC交易所和Live Coin (livecoin.net)交易所,全球社区用户可以到新的交易所购买PAI币。

以下是本次全球社区直播的演示文稿,供您参考。Project PAI再次感谢您的支持!

Dear Project PAI community:

Project PAI hybrid consensus global community live AMA was successfully held on the morning of July 18, 2020, Beijing time. We thank all PAIyos for your participation and continued support for Project PAI.

At the meeting, Dr. Mark Harvilla, the core contributor of Project PAI, introduced the progress of the research and development of the PoW/PoS hybrid consensus. At present, the PAI hybrid consensus has completed the development of core technologies and the deployment of testnets, and is in progress for the transition of the dependent services, and the mainnet will be officially launched in September 2020. Additionally, Dr. Adam Zheng, co-founder of ObEN, an early adopter of the PAI blockchain, said that: Personal AI DApps on PAI chain will soon be applied in more commercial scenarios, and new products will be released soon.

The meeting also discussed the PCP tiered staking reward mechanism, which will be launched next week, and users who participate in the PCP staking will receive more rewards. In addition, PAI recently launched two new exchanges, the Alameda OTC exchange and Live Coin (livecoin.net) exchange. Global community users can go to the new exchange to purchase PAI coins.

We thank you again for your support!


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